The Killing – Orpheus Descending

by deerinthexenonarclights

The End, My Friend


So… ummm… if that was the finale then I’ve had it. I was wholeheartedly on-board with this show from the beginning, from the first press announcement, but this is not what I signed on for. Finale’s are supposed to be full of revelations, catharsis and closure (I don’t advocate genericism, but this is simply part of the mould) but on further reflection this finale to The Killing‘s debut season (and yes it will be coming back) not only failed to give us any of the above but it failed to give us anything at all. Instead it took from us what little information we had been able to save over the course of thirteen episodes, leaving us short our precious time with nothing worthwhile to show for it in return.

After all this build up all that the show revealed to us was this:

Everything [The Killing] tells you is a lie. – Alan Sepinwall

and the only closure we got was on Councilman Richmond’s ‘All-Stars’, we can now rest easy knowing that Seattle’s minorities can still play basketball. As for catharsis? Well the episode actually managed some success on this front. It has been a very long time indeed since finishing a finale has felt this satisfying; putting the show behind me is like being un-indentured from a great debt – It’s done and now I’m free again – though I’m not sure if Veena Sud should be given the credit for that (though she is surely to blame).

So The Killing is over now and no, I will not be coming back.