Trailer Trash – Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol

by deerinthexenonarclights

I’m someone who has never been excited by the Mission Impossible franchise, not even while watching the films themselves, however I have been following this fourth feature in the franchise with some interest thanks to the involvement of PIXAR’s Brad Bird The Incredibles, The Iron Giant) behind the camera; and so I was excited to see the trailer released today and even more excited by what I saw inside it, which already makes this the best Mission Impossible movie yet. So without any further ado, here is said trailer:

Exciting, no?

Though there isn’t a whole lot of narrative in there – which is most certainly a good thing, I don’t need to know the whole story until I’ve seen the film thanks – what we are told in the opening thirty seconds sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the film’s potential plot. This is important because the fourth entry in a franchise of notoriously complicated conspiracy-thrillers could lose a lot of viewers through ancestry alone, but thankfully this isn’t MI:4, it is instead a film that will be able to stand on its own (with a few referential caveats for those familiar fans of course, such as the return of Mr. Simon Pegg).

The rest of the trailer doesn’t really provide much for discussion but it did showcase the great sense of style that Bird has purportedly brought to his first live-action film and, of course, all that Cruise charisma (say what you will, the man makes an amazing lead-actor). I’m excited. What about you guys?