Trailer Trash – War Horse

by deerinthexenonarclights

Steven Spielberg is a remarkably interesting director and this is something that people often overlook. Certainly he has his trademark traits but he has never been a director that you can neatly encompass into any single mold. Over the years he has jumped from style to style with each different story; he has leapt from family drama’s through adventures on earth and up above it before descending to the darkest  heart of war. He has leapt so much recently that it is hard to say what is Spielberg-ian anymore and whether or not it is something that he still strives to show. Though there have been, over the past year especially, a lot of other people who have tried to mimic the feel of his films these simulacrum have only been able to achieve varying levels of success; but with the trailer for his next film War Horse Steven shows that the Spielberg style is still achievable.

If anything this looks to be one of the most Spilberg-ian productions yet, marrying as it does the gritty, historical war-drama with the young boy and his pet narrative that the man made famous in E.T. Though there is no proof yet as to whether or not the movie is good, the fact that it looks set to follow in his old footsteps is as good a sign as any.