Trailer Trash – Amigo

by deerinthexenonarclights

Though this may not be the best looking nor the most intriguing trailer it is likely one that you (the people) would have missed and so I feel more of an obligation to post it than I do, say, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Thrones Shadows.

The other reason I chose this movie is that I have personally heard it being hyped from the lips of the director himself, Mr. John Sayles, renowned indie (In the good, old sense of the word. Not the new hip version) auteur. So without any further ado, the trailer:

As you can see it does look a little dodgy thanks to the experimental combination of digital cameras and cheap, classic lighting; it’s visual style is more akin to a television soap-opera than an art-house historical piece. Even if one manages to look underneath this particular aesthetic things don’t make a drastic improvement; the characters, concept and context are none to exciting and so I was barely left with baited breath or a deep desire to see the final, elongated version.

That said I do have a lot of faith in the names; On screen the western contingent of the film is lead by Chris Cooper and Garrett Dillahunt both of whom I often enjoy, there is a strong cast of Philippino actors that I am admittedly unfamiliar with and then Sayles himself behind it all.

Though I have not seen them I imagine that the trailers for all of his movies are rather lacklustre, I mean it’s not exactly as if Passion Fish or Lone Star are visually arresting films or easy sells either. Sayles makes slow films steadily, they are films that you slip into like a hot bath, baying a little and cautiously before eventually finding yourself completely submerged. So it is that I can happily say that this trailer doesn’t work for me and yet still have high hopes for the film itself.

What are your thoughts?