Curb Your Enthusiam – The Divorce

by deerinthexenonarclights

To Jew or not to Jew?

Politically acceptable insults, positive racism, menstruating pre-teens,respecting wood, a ruckus in a restaurant and everything going wrong for the one bald man in the middle of it all; God it’s good to have Larry David back on my TV.

There isn’t much to discuss when it comes to Curb and by now you’ll already know whether or not it is the show for you, so I’ll keep this brief. This episode continues right on from the amazing finale of the show’s spectacular Seinfeld season, which saw Larry touchingly re-united with lost wife Cheryl. Within a minute Larry has driven Cheryl to leave him again, only this time for real as the title of the episode suggests.

The Divorce contains every element of the shows now infamous formula: the scathing social observations ( Buffet vs. Menu, Divorce in order of importance), the cringe-worthy moments (Larry instructing a twelve year-old girl-scout on the use of a Tampon), the Bald-mans code (self-explanatory) and most predominantly the man’s pro-Semitic preferences.

None of these elements are fully executed or overly memorable examples of the shows formula, but the range is admirable and a nice re-introduction to the show’s style. The only real mis-step to my mind was in the ending; Curb really relies on those magnificent finales in which all the intricate plot-lines converge in surprising and hilarious ways, but the threads of plot here tangled together at best, or in the case of some sub-plots, simply fell away into nothing.

This wasn’t the best episode of Curb your Enthusiasm that the man has ever delivered, in actual fact it was mediocre at best, but the simple sight of the man’s bald head and the sound of the petty, narcissistic neurosis flowing from his mouth was more than enough for this episode to leave me pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty happy man.