Trailer Trash – Hugo

by deerinthexenonarclights

The trailer for Scorsese’s latest film hit the inter-web today and for those of you who haven’t been following its production the content may shock you, though not in the normal Scorsese way:

So he’s making a kids movie? Really?

I think Hugo is very much of a kin to Shutter Island in that it is Scorsese venturing back into a genre that had its golden era when he was a young kid first experiencing movies but has since been lost to time. Because of this a lot of elements that may seen anachronistic when compared to most other examples modern cinema but when put back in line with their true peers these traits seem entirely of the norm; in Shutter Island it was the ominous, overbearing score and here it is Hugo‘s Orphanhood.

Orphan adventures are almost a genre into themselves going back to Dickens, and probably beyond, so I have no issue with this reprise. I mean no one loves Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory because of its stunning depiction of Charlie’s emotional grief at the loss of his parents, they love it for the LSD inspired visuals and creepy boat ride. So I don’t see that they should have included a scene of him getting the news and breaking down in the trailer, nor do they really need one in the film; there is already a lot more material about his parents in those two minutes than there were in all of say, Oliver Twist.

What we get in spite of that deep emotion is a really light-hearted, loving adventure filled with easy laughs and warm smiles and fluffy puppy dogs and … what? It looks nice is all and given how serious modern cinema has become I’m kind of looking forward to seeing something nice; especially when it is something that looks as nice as this. Scorsese has always shot his films superbly but this seems to be his first chance in a while to simply let loose with his visual imagination and so a lot of these scenes look stunning, couple this with the fact that he has implemented proper 3D technology into the filming from the beginning and shot everything properly and I think this will be a movie everyone can love even with the sound off. A film from another age, a film for all ages, a film for the ages.