Falling Skies – Sanctuary Pt.2

by deerinthexenonarclights

Not really much to say about this episode as it, for the most part, simply continues on all the plot-lines from the first episode; and so I have already made all my points there. Sure I could repeat them here but to be honest I’m pretty tired, so I’ll just throw out some dot points instead:

– I really liked the way that the show expanded its universe this week. We have been stuck in that school for so much of the series that simply seeing empty roads and houses is still exciting for me, which is good because from now on the School is most likely no more as a main location; but where too from here?

– It’s good to finally get some movement in the de-harnessed children storyline, in particular seeing that some of them now view themselves as Skitters. This, plus the preview that I accidentally caught over the top of the credits seems to suggest that perhaps Soylent Green is people, ahem, skitters rather. I’m not sure just how the hell that is going to work, but I’ll be very interested to see it nonetheless.

– This episode was interestingly paced; it would have been easy to stick to the established second part structure but instead they went with something a little more shocking. Certainly none of the individual sequences were unique but the way that we kept moving from one to the next, to the next in the space of a single episode was nice; the writers spun as around and around and around and I was never sure when or where we would finally stop.

– Only two episodes left? I’m not sure that the show has done enough with its eight hours, nor do I feel like there has been any kind of cohesive season long arc but I’ll reserve my final judgements on that matter until I’ve seen through to the end.

– I wonder if anyone else is still sticking with this or if the audience has mostly bailed by now thanks to the slow pacing out of progressions.  We’ve got a guaranteed Season Two regardless, but it would be nice to think that I’m not the only one that will be returning when that hits.

Your thoughts?