Trailer Trash – Hunters, Battleships and a Haywire Margin Call

by deerinthexenonarclights


  Well … ummm … that looks, basically like the mid-point between Transformers and Transmorphers, just add water. I do rather like Berg as a film-maker though and have to admit that I am interested in seeing just how the hell he is going to make this situation in any way resemble the board game; we have the board laid out thanks to some convenient alien technology and blindnes thanks to the Radar jamming but there doesn’t seem to be much cat and mouse guessing at this point, and that is where the interest lies for me.

As for the character work? Absolutely hilarious. Skarsgard was so good in Melancholia that it is something of a shock to come back and see him in the likes of this and True Blood, but I guess you have to pay the bills, a lesson Liam Neeson seems to have learnt a long, long time ago. The biggest shock for me though was that Riggins has landed himself the lead in another of the Summers biggest blockbusters; I really would never have guessed that he, of all people, would be the one to break out from Friday Night Lights.

The Hunter

I can’t believe it’s not Herzog: The accent, the wilderness, the supposed psychological drama that is to come; it looks like something that man would have made. Which is great to see coming from an Aussie flick, albeit one starring Willem Dafoe; that kind of auteurship in this kind of genre setting is the kind of thing our industry is too often missing. Looking forward to this one.

Margin Call

Too Big To Fail was a nice historical re-enactment of the political side of the Wall Street collapse but this film looks infinitely more interesting, re-casting the situation as a pithy, verbose dialogue drama akin to Glengarry Glen Ross, and with a cast like this I reckon that’s a standard that they may yet meet.


Oh Soderbergh, what will you think of next? On the surface this looks to be straight cliche, a simple re-telling of those old, expected secret agent beats and you know what, I’m fine with that provided the man can execute them with his trademark class. The action seems interesting as well, there is something very real about it and that’s almost shocking given our current predilection for CGI and wire work. Should be some good, mindless fun.