True Blood – I Hate You, I Love You

by deerinthexenonarclights

While I Hate You, I Love You is perhaps the perfect title for an episode of True Blood – given how I feel about the show from moment to moment – it strangely doesn’t suit this particular episode, which was to my  mind both the best and the most mediocre episode that the season has offered thus far. Thankfully the more annoying elements of the show are mostly missing here ( I won’t list them because we’d be here all day), but then so are all the good ones; so I never found myself wanting to fast-forward or wander off like I did during the old Hot-Shot scenes, but then I was never once riveted to the screen either.

Though there were still some flaws to be found beyond this banality; in particular the the Alcide plot line introduced seems another entirely pointless addition. Just when I think that we may finally be culling down to a reasonable number of stories they go an add in another like this, so that all the interesting plot-lines will be forced to trod on, each making a single straightforward step each week; so as to remain entirely predictable and banal.

Though to counteract this there was something of an attempt at thematic undercurrents this week; the vast majority of the many, many story lines all made pointed, nay blunt, references to war and religion: Vampires in the catholic church, the burning of witches, casualties of war, the secondary set of standards etc. etc. Perhaps these themes are a little heady for this particular show to properly handle – especially given that it’s main focus is in imagining ways to strip down the members of its main love triangle – but you have to give them credit for trying. If they actually manage to continue building on this in the coming weeks, rather than forgetting it completely at the sight of a blue car as they have done in the past, than it may even lend some focus to a season that has been drastically lacking it.

There is one element of the episode that was far from mediocre though and it is the one field where the show has never actually faltered, the one field where the genre has never actually faulted. What is with vampires and music? First the Twilight saga scores a ridiculously good roster of band for their soundtracks and now we have True Blood majorly delivering on the same front. There was a new and exclusive Nick Cave track used in the premiere, Dan Auerbach in the second and then some Gil-Scott over this weeks end credits. So at the very least there is one person with taste and talent on the staff; now they just need to be promoted from Music Supervisor to show-runner and then perhaps the Love will finally start to outweigh the Hate.