Falling Skies – What Hides Beneath

by deerinthexenonarclights

WordPress decided to eat my review for this episode and I’m too tired to re-write it so I will just quickly summaries some of my thoughts on What Hides Beneath instead.

-Though the show has proven me an idiot for thinking that it would ever leave the School the briskness of the planned attack has restored my faith in the shows pacing.

-This was very much a character based episode which is great in theory but the execution did leave a lot to be desired.

– The work that the show did with its non-human cast was, however, all pretty stellar: the conflict between the rescued kids and that genius twist with the Skitter has set up a lot of very intriguing material for the shows upcoming second season.

-Overall this episode was indicative of the season so far; if you wanted to look for flaws then you could find more than enough with ease, if however you just relax and try to enjoy the ride you most probably will. The upcoming Season Finale will have to fall pretty strongly on the positive side of the fun-flaw scale though if they want me to come back next year.