Trailer Trash – Twixt

by deerinthexenonarclights

Now, you may well be wondering just what in the hell was that, and you’re right to as what you just saw was one weird trailer for one weird looking film; the original title of which was Twixt Now and Sunrise. Though I can understand the studio’s decision to go with the shorter title, as they always do – Roman Polanski’s upcoming Gods of Carnage is now just Carnage, for example – I think the original explains a lot more of what this movie is attempting to depict.

Set in some small southern town the story follows a hack horror writer as he goes on a small scale book tour in an attempt to shill some copies of his most recent regurgitation; the topic witches, he had one hit with witches and has thus spent the rest of his career trying to shake them. It’s a simple story and a familiar one: it could be any Stephen King book, it could be any John Carpenter movie, or one from a much less successful director in that same vein and genre; what makes this particular effort stand out though is not just that it’s being made now, but that it’s being made by Francis Ford Coppola, a man who makes Carpenter look like a hack in comparison.

Unfortunately though the years of jungle fever have gotten to the man and so his films of late haven’t been what they once were, but there are traces here of his old style that get me excited. For instance the visual style that he uses to depict the night time sequences is very reminiscent of his two S.E. Hinton adaptations Rumble Fish and The Outsiders and there is something suggested in this trailer that makes me think this film will be focusing on much headier matters than the simple shock and schlock affairs of the eighties.

Those fantastical segments are all literally set betwixt now and sunrise but they’re not just dreams, more than that they are fictions. I have a feeling that this film will be using the sub-genre to comment on the nature of storytelling and truth, with a few great looking scares thrown in for the sake of it.

Normally I would mean this as a compliment, but by imbuing the film with these deep and meaningful moments Coppola may have bitten off more than his still recovering mind can chew. I was confident that he could make a simple horror flick but his last attempt at philosophy turned out to be Youth, an absolute mess of a movie, and so I’m more worried now than ever. Still, the film is going to be narrated by Mr.Tom Waits, so you know I’ll be there opening day.