Trailer Trash – We Need To Talk About Kevin

by deerinthexenonarclights

Whoah, I think I just need to let this one speak for itself.

Ok, maybe not; some commenting is still acceptable. Though I didn’t love Lynn Ramsay’s last, much lauded effort Morvern Callar as a whole movie I still had to give full props to her direction, which occasionally elevated even that basest of  material into something quite stunning indeed. With Lionel Shriver’s suitably bleak and beautiful novel to work from her latest, We Need To Talk About Kevin, seemed set to be the film that breaks her out and capitalizes on her burgeoning talent; and that trailer, it all but confirms it.

The style of it is so absorbing, so wondrous and so wrenching without more than a hint of the films actual story. Within seconds we don’t simply care about what’s going on in the footage, we’re wrecked by it. The song adds a whole nother layer to matters, that kind of dramatic irony is becoming quite commonplace these days but song selection is something that Ramsay does remarkably well and this choice is a great example of this; perfecting that irony but still staying true to the pathos. Then there’s Swinton, dear god Swinton looks set to give one of her best performances here and that’s really saying something given her conspicuously classy canon.

The only negative I noticed was the way in which Kevin sometimes looked a little Damien-esque , but that is probably a lot to do with this being  a trailer  and needing to sell the thing. Hell, it could almost work as a horror movie, it frightened me well enough.

Cannot wait.