Trailer Trash – Carnage

by deerinthexenonarclights

I think in this case the title says it all. Originally I was disappointed that the studio had seemingly shortened it from the original, rather epic sounding ‘Gods of Carnage‘ but now that I’ve seen it in action I can appreciate this new, truncated version a little more; there’s nothing high and mighty about this movie or it’s characters, it’s just mess, human mess and gloriously so.

Locked room drama’s can become stale without the requisite amount of drama, but I can’t see that being a problem here: Polanski’s direction is set to be stunning (even if he edited from a prison cell), the script seems solid (based on its theatrical runs) and the cast, fwoah what a cast; mark my words, there will be Oscars. It’s not exactly going to be an enoyable night out at the cinema but it should be a great one nonetheless.

Within the same year of her passing Elizabeth Taylor’s opus of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf may too be bested and removed from it’s throne. Let’s hope.