Damages – I’m Worried About My Dog

by deerinthexenonarclights

I’m worried about my Damages.

That face, the one up there above this writing, that is a dramatic face, one that I would gladly watch go about its everyday activities for fourty minutes a week. Damages has that face plus many more that are just as enthralling, all of whom are given dramatic material to act out and yet we are now getting to the stage where I’m not always so glad to be watching the show. How have they gone so wrong?

After last week’s surprisingly energetic effort the show returned to its seasonal slump, though this week it managed to disappoint in a number of brand new ways. On the surface this week certainly hit all the beats that it needed to and no extreme errors occured but they didn’t need to because the truth is much more damning even than that; this episode was just mediocre.

We finally started to get answers to some of the many subtle mysteries that the show has been building up this season – though I wonder where the show’s subtle begins and my disinterest ends? – but these reveals were beyond boring. The progress all felt far too network for me, they were the common denominator options and thus not interesting, couple that with the fact that we also don’t care and you’re program has got a problem. Of course the show could just be being to smart for its own good: by either setting us up to think there is a twist and then giving us the obvious answer (in which case, you’ve still just given us the obvious answer) or by setting us up to think that we have been given the answer and then pulling that rug out from under us at a later date. On this we shall just have to wait and see; so know that I am willing and hoping to be proven wrong.

What really kills me about these episodes though is the sheer drop in class; there have been plenty of legal thrillers before, plenty of twisty TV dramas but none had ever had the production values of this show, and I don’t just mean the budget, there was something deeper to it than that. Now though all of that is gone; check the outfits in Goodman’s ‘quick trip’ to Afghanistan (the ease with which characters pop over to the Middle East in this show constantly confuses me. I’m always half expecting the reveal to be that they are actually just in Arizona or some other American desert) if you need some visual proof of this.

As I said, the show still has some time left with which to redeem itself and it was only a week ago that I thought we were on that path; so there is hope yet, though I’m just thinking that they may need the extra year of Season Five to fully return from this to form.