Dexter – A Horse of a Different Colour

by deerinthexenonarclights

Those reading along at home with my reviews of this show might well have been wondering why I even bother to watch it, so critical am i of its content this year; Hell, there have been times when i’ve asked myself much the same question.  The reason is that at its best this show can thrill like nothing else on television, even Breaking Bad, bless it’s heart, very rarely reaches the same level, though it does of course better it in all others. So i’ve been watching and waiting for the show to hit that section of it’s stride, but so far nothing and so I have vented my complaints about what we have been given instead. So think of these not just as examples of what the show is doing wrong, but rather as the things that are stopping the show from being right. This week the show seemed to be stepping in the right direction and righting some of these wrongs, you could say that my prayers had been answered, but given that it’s god we’re talking about here, they were of course answered in mysterious ways.

After four episodes of existing on the extremity this season’s killers were finally brought into the fray to fraternise with the rest of the cast, though most of this communication is still metaphorical at this point, still it’s something. Unfortunately though they’re still yet to actually make these killers interesting in any way, It’s Se7en without Fincher’s penchant for style or shock. Certainly seeing the pair in action should change the way we perceive things, but their actions and character are all so deadpan and ambiguous that these scenes fail to either inform us or involve us emotionally. Mos on the other hand really made his mark this week by dropping the mumbling in lieu of two back to back monologues; the material in these wasn’t to die for, but it was more fascinating than anything else in this week’s script. It’s a shame then that the character, as he stands, absolutely doesn’t belong in this show, nor does he play any significant role within it.

From the lamb to the law, the other, station based side of the show was similarly hit but hit the wrong target. The new detective introduced late last week is interesting, his literary approach is fresh given the company he keeps and it bounces well off of Dex as we saw in the briefing scene. When spicing up exposition is the biggest positive influence you have though, something has gone horribly wrong and the man can’t claim to have done much more than that. The resolution of the once promising Intern arc was incredibly lacklustre though, something that might have been daring were this a network procedural and not a risqué cable drama, as the randomly graphic sex scene each week continues to inform us.

So the show has made some strides forward, but I question if they are really in the right direction. When you put your faith in god to lead you, you don’t get to choose which path and to me that has been the major problem with this season. It simply isn’t suitably tense or thrilling like it was in its heyday but it does seem to be making some progress towards becoming a workable dramedy, though why it chose to convert at this stage in the run I have no idea. I hate to say it but, Dex, you shoulda stuck to your own kind.