The Eldritch Kid: Eureka – Part One

by deerinthexenonarclights

(All characters, names included, are the property of Christian Read and Gestalt comics, owner and publisher of the real Eldritch Kid series respectively, which by the way you should read. I did and really enjoyed it (Review HERE) but was left wanting more; and after two whole days of waiting the bums still hadn’t published a second volume, so I had no choice but to start work on one of my own. I’ve never written a comic script before or fan-fiction/spec scripts before and so this is all entirely experimental, but it was a fun experience. I hope some of you enjoy it, but more than that I hope nobody sues.

Apologies in advance for the formatting, the program I use doesn’t work well with copying and pasting.)

To Be Continued…

So a pretty slow open to be sure, but I wanted to try and get a grasp on the characters before I got going with any action (Though it feels like I may have just loosened my grip more and more as I went along instead). Next time though I promise that there will be gold, gunplay, gore, Incan gods and hey, maybe even an explanation as to just how in the hell Gunderson is writing letters without a head.