NonCanonical #100

by deerinthexenonarclights

It is a staple of the comic medium for the breaking in of a new digit in the episode count to elicit an extravagant issue: the death of a major character, the defeat of a major villain, a twist in the formula or some other event on a similar scale. As the handsome hosts of NonCanonical are want to refer to episodes of their podcasts as issues it is only fitting that they follow in the footsteps set by this tradition by hitting their one hundredth in style, specifically live at the literally All-Star Comics style. Though thankfully they didn’t also feel the need to go through with all the traditional tropes: Larry didn’t die, Larry wasn’t defeated and for the most part the show stayed the same as it always has been, though there was slightly more of a game-show tint than usual.

The boys burst out into the bustling crowd to a round or two of rapturous applause, allowing only seconds before smattering on the swear words that we’ve all come to know and love; it’s not a family show, no, but it is a hell of a lot of fun for those of us old enough to listen. From there the show went on as expected, displaying that unique mixture of Aussie irreverence and the passion of a comic book geeks crushing the hobby, on the life. They got as many laughs as any comedian could elicit from a crowd, they gave us plenty of information on great books that we should buy ( before taking a convenient recess, one that allowed us all to go and buy said books) and then gave away a whole host to lucky audience members, myself included.

There was a raffle drawn to decide who would win, the numbers chosen at random from the hosts heads. I drew sixty-nine as my entrant and immediately knew that Mr.Larry Boxshall would come through for me; though he teased it out until the final call of the night, even managing to tease me indirectly with leading lines like “This next number has never failed me… Fifty”! Though I went into the store expecting to leave empty handed I left with a full bag; one comic brought at Joe’s instance and four others for free: the first issue of Tristan Jones’ new Turtles title, Teuvo’s AfterBirth with an additional piece of original art, Marvel’s Secret Warrior and an autographed copy of Tom Taylor’s terrific The Deep (He also showed me some sneak peaks for Volume Two. Spoilers: it will take place in and around water).

Perhaps these free titles are part of why I was inspired to post such a sucky, brown-nosing review of the show, but i’d like to think that I would have done so regardless ( especially since I seem to have come across as an arsehole in all of my other interactions with the group). Such a high class addition to Aussie comics should be celebrated, even if that classy call is something of a misnomer. So in short, if you aren’t already you should be listening to NonCanonical ( and if you’re in Melbourne, shopping at All-Star) because now is as good a time as any to jump on; one hundred issues in and the series is just now hitting it’s stride so get on board and be ready for one hell of a night come one-fifty.

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