Luck – Premature Obituary

by deerinthexenonarclights

There’s one every year and yet each time they still hit me by surprise, an utter shock to the system; another story I loved is dead.

Luck burst onto the scene with all the vigour of a stallion and ran very much like one for the rest of its race. It was backed by the best names that the industry could offer: David Milch held the pen, Mann the camera and together with the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte and Michael Gambon they weaved a wonderfully unique tale of not the American underbelly, but its sidestrap or some other such unseen hock. The show that they made together – and I’m hesitant really to even use that term given just how free it was from the forms usual contrivances – was not just terrific television, it was an emotional experience; one that was as oft tragic as it was transcendent. If Luck taught me anything during its brief first season – and it certainly did a great deal – then it was this: there is little more stunning a sight than that of a horse running up close though most of us never stop to see it. Similarly so there are few more stunning shows than this one when it got up close and personal with the people of its universe, though obviously not enough of us stopped to see it and so it was today slaughtered behind a blowing sheet, nowhere near the end it deserved, being put out to stud at syndication ranch.

Rest in Peace Luck, close your eyes with Ace and drift off dreaming of your day at the races.