Trailer Trash: Looper

by deerinthexenonarclights

Looper is the third and latest film from Director Rian Johnson who previous works are Brick , The Brothers Bloom and an episode of Breaking Bad called The Fly; all of which are amazing. Johnson’s directorial effects are all drastically different from one another on the surface – a high school set noir, a modern con-man yarn and a look at two men in a meth lab trying to kill a fly – but underneath they share some commonalities, for one all of his scripts are very complicated: noir films are notorious for not making sense, cons are all about confusing the mark and The Fly was really a tale of dark deception and deep secrets. So though it is a big jump -and his first project without prominent B’s – it also sort of makes sense that his next step would be into the realm of time travel, the most complicated construction of them all. I would attempt to give a synopsis of the film but I think the trailer that follows will do a better job of that; and just that, there are no great spoilers in there, just great imagery. Enjoy it after the jump…

Awesome, no? The sheer potential of the premise is mind-blowing; men who kill people from the future without even the possibility of motive. So many questions: How do they approach the Loopers? Who controls the change in time? When did this begin? Simply seeing that reality occur and unfold would be brilliant enough for me but of course Rian takes it one step further, the man that comes through the tear is a future iteration of the Looper himself and a cat and mouse chase ensues; he can kill this person in the present without worry, because the future him cannot harm the past version without harming himself, though if the present day Looper does succeed then he is in effect locking himself into a predestined date of death, but how can he succeed when the Future him has been here and done all this before, when he knows exactly what his old self will do and what if ohmygodmybrainismelting… There are so many facets and contexts to consider and the reason that I am so excited for this film – and have been for four years now – is that I know Rian has thought through all of them and chosen all of the most interesting to include.

The obvious way to advertise this is as the next Inception but i’m not sure if that is doing this film justice, I daresay it’s more likely to be the new Primer but with pretty awesome action and Bruce Willis to boot. Mark your calendars folks, and start getting jealous over the fact that  future you has already seen this film once to enjoy it and then again to fully understand it. The anticipation, it’s almost enough to make you want to build a time machine.