Trailer Trash – Argo

by deerinthexenonarclights

Argo is as the new promo panel says, ‘based on a recently declassified true story’; which is both a witty little line and factually authentic, in many ways describing exactly the kind of territory that the film itself will be mining. That true story it seeks to tell has been all over the news since its release a few years back and is well covered in the trailer itself, so i Won’t bore you with my reiteration.  As Argo was one of the movies I insisted you all look out for this year it would be remiss of me not to pimp its trailer and that’s why i’m here, so check it out after the jump:

What did you think?

Admittedly this tease isn’t outstandingly made or overly exciting on its own merit (though that climactic montage does come close to both) but it does solidify to me the fact that this is now actually a film and not just a pitch as it has been for so many years, plus we finally got to see that cast in action. Though the moustaches are a little much the men beneath them are all gold: Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Tate Donovan, Kyle Chandler, Zeljiko Ivanek (Yes!), Richard Kind, Phillip Baker Hall, Alan Arkin and Affleck himself (who I never hated like some do, or did before Gone, Baby, Gone).

Add to that the fact that Affleck seems to have hit upon a rather interesting tone behind the camera, enacting both a geopolitical seriousness that the Iranian situation (which I am admittedly unaware of) deserves while also dryly deriding it and deriving some great humour from that. Despite my excitement I’m far from certain that this will be a filmic masterpiece, but it more than most has the potential to at least be something different in a crop of same sounding films.

Would love to hear some of you thoughts on it though.