Trailer Trash: Seven Psychopaths

by deerinthexenonarclights

Let’s be honest here; you’ve either never heard of this movie or you already really want to see it and have been waiting four years to do so. Back in 2008 In Bruges hit the screens and surprised everyone with just how hilarious and yet heartfelt it was. Then last year came The Guard, proving that it wasn’t just the McDonagh name or the Irish accents that made In that much fun; it was the script and the stars that did that.

Thankfully then his second film, Seven Psychopaths has both: the film’s script was highly lauded and landed a place on the Black List (The semi-official ranking of the best un-optioned, un-produced screenplays floating around in the ether) back in 2008 and the stars… well they speak for themselves, or at least the trailer speaks for them so lets just look at that:



In anyone else’s hands I might find the whole high-stakes dog kidnapping plot line a little bit forced or cutesy, but given Martin’s predilection for twisting tones and the sheer scope of that cast it’s hard not to want to see this film. Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits and my man Zeljiko Ivanek; those are just the leads!
The trailer could have been, and basically is, just a list of those names and it would have worked as well as any big budget patter.

I didn’t need to see a trailer to get excited for this film, I was already excited for it, and I hope that everyone else introduced to the film this way feels the same. Bring on the bloodshed. Bring on the banter. Bring on the Psychopaths.