The Bourne Legacy (Filthsposition)

by deerinthexenonarclights


(Filthspositions are guest reviews, reviews of films or television shows that offer an alternate opinion to my own, more specifically that of Filth, a guest writer.)

The Bourne Legacy wasn’t a bad movie. The opening half-hour is a bit messy, bending over backwards to connect itself to the previous trilogy. Which was very intriguing material for me, but one could make a valid argument that it was an unnecessarily convoluted portion of the film. The rest of the movie flowed a bit smoother and was pretty entertaining. The almost “To Be Continued” style ending was somewhat annoying, but that sort of thing is getting increasingly common these days so I wasn’t surprised.

There were a few small logical errors in the film (eg. how did Cross manage to run so far away from the wolf before it blew up? How does he manage his timing so impeccably as to always show up THE EXACT second the heroine needs rescuing?), however these too were to be expected. The film made up for these silly “Hollywood action movie” style moments by being smart in other ways.

So despite having a bunch of flaws, this was an enjoyable movie. The cast were great, the action was great (and there was enough action- I’m confused by the critics who complain that the film is too talky and boring), and it was fun. I would’ve liked to have seen more of the super-badass evil hitman who was chasing out heroes in the climactic action scene. He was certainly awesome but felt underdeveloped and tacked on.

This movie reeked of being a stopgap inbetween better movies (The Bourne Ultimatum was much better, and the next installment certainly has potential to be much better as well), but I did have quite a bit of fun with this one. It was a nice easy watch, despite the flaws.