Before Watchmen: Comedian #3

by deerinthexenonarclights

I wish that I had put down the third issue of Comedian with a similar smile on my dial, but unfortunately it was just not to be. This wasn’t as bad as issue two, but its still far from the return to form that was last week’s Silk Spectre‘s and the series needed a resurrection of that magnitude or more if it were to salvage itself from this current slump. So in short: eh, but I’ll ramble a little more about why if you want to stick around.

I’ll try to start with the positive. J.G. Jones does a decent job of drawing the issue and thanks to the way that he uses colored moats and margins to differentiate between the different time periods this issue is at least legible. Though the fact that he needs to do this, that the issue of this prequel story consists solely of a character taking a phone call and talking about two events even further in the past which we flash too means that I am at least two degrees removed from giving a damn about anything that he is drawing.

That story within the story before the story is that of The Comedian’s controversial response to the L.A. Riots, which is yet another actual period event that Azzarello places the character in, though still without any real point or reason. Like ‘nam this plot has some potential but while there are some fascinating beats here and there – the second mask that he paints upon his face, the girl who looks like Silk Spectre catching his eye – Brian doesn’t make the most of it. On top of that, three issues in and there still isn’t a story to this series.

You could argue that Azzarello’s only intention is to show how The Comedian came to be who he is – a fair point – and so far the comic has been doing that in a way. Blake used the colors of the American flag for the art of his costume – stars on one shoulder, stripes on the other – and watching him darken and desensitize as the country does could be very interesting, if it were in the context of a comic with a singular story to tell. The conspiracy of the first cliffhanger has gone without mention, the only recurring element of the book so far is Bobby Kennedy whose death will surely serve as its third act point of interest; which sounds exciting, but isn’t really.

This is only issue three, only the half way point of the series and I can’t help but wonder do we really need three more of these and only one of Spectre? What else is there to say about the breaking bad of Eddie Blake? Not much to my mind and since there isn’t (broken record) a single thread of story left unspooled all this book does is delay the release of those that I actually care about. I don’t even care enough to write a proper review.