Trailer Trash: Lincoln

by deerinthexenonarclights

If the name in the title doesn’t sell you on this picture then I’m not sure what will. Perhaps that of its director Steven Spielberg? Or that of it’s star Daniel Day-Lewis? I needn’t even mention the supporting cast of  Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Jackie Earle Haley (and those are just the people in the cast with three names). A lot of people today see trailers for films like this and War Horse and scoff, too snobby for melodrama, to cynical to care but I eat this stuff up like Lewis drink’s a Milkshake. Check it out:


Sure the beards look a little much and the overlaid quotes from the script are a little much but I still really dug that trailer and will be there to see the film come November. Interesting release date that, especially if you watch the early scenes of Lincoln with an idea of what Obama has gone through this first term. I’m not saying that the two are the same, but I do wonder what (if anything) this film will have to say about the election taking place two weeks after it premieres. Secondly, Daniel’s voice was a little strange to hear, he’s putting it on but based on what? There aren’t any recordings of the man, why not speak a little more naturally?
Still, shwoa. Good stuff. Yes? No?