Trailer Trash: Promised Land Gambit no.42

by deerinthexenonarclights

Another couple of interesting trailers that you might have missed his this week and all three of them look to be pretty good despite their sappiness: Promised Land, Gambit and 42. Check em out after the jump…

First up is promised land, the latest team-up of Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon and the second time that Van Sant has directed a film that Damon co-wrote; only this time instead of the busy Ben Affleck he put pen to paper with the infamous Dave Eggers and resulting film looks like that perfect combination of grit and syrup that made Good Will what it was, plus it gives us all another chance to say fracking.

I really like Damon as a leading man and McDormand is always a nice addition, so seeing these two go about the business of breaking up an American small town should be swell; the metaphorical potential alone makes the movie seem very relevant. I’m not so sure though about Krasinki as the antagonist, I like the idea of the liberal environmentalist bad guy but i’m not buying him based on this short package and the inevitable love triangle isn’t saved by the presence of Rosemarie DeWitt. So the movie could be a nice bonus on top of all the year end heavy hitters, or it might simply be shallow and toxic…we’ll have to wait and see.


Second up is the next Coen brothers movie…kind of. Sorry if I got you overly excited because they aren’t actually directing the film, they simply scripted it and a fair few years back too. Gambit was to be one of their films, they wrote it and intended to then direct it back in the Intolerable Cruelty / Ladykillers era in which it so clearly fits but got distracted by some old Cormac McCathy book and so it simply fell aside, only to then be scooped up by one Michael Hoffman. While Hoffman has had some recent success with serious drama he is still very much known for his slapstick, screwball comedies but instead of making me more confident that familiarity of his actually has me worried for the movie. You’ll see why
Now, when the Coen brothers direct a comedy it can get as stupid as is physically possible but it will always retain some class and cleverness, here though their ideas just seem a little crass. All the usual elements are there: the giant clock, the mid-west woman, the bumbling do gooder, the case of cash and the shadows of hubristic greed in everyone’s eyes but instead of transcending the genre this film just looks a little… well embarrassing for it, giving modern comedy a bad name. But that said Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci reading a Comedic heist script from the Coens? It can’t be all that bad.

Thirdly, and perhaps unexpectedly, my favorite of the three trailers is for 42. Yes it’s a sports movie, yes it’s probably this year’s The Help, yes it’s probably just period apologetic white fantasy but hell those visuals, that Jay-Z track. What can I say, it worked for me.

I’m not overly familiar with Jackie Robinson but the story seems to be a strong one and the cast is too (Harrison Ford, Christopher Meloni, Alan Tudyk) and while Director Brian Helgeland doesn’t have the best track record writer Brian Helgeland does have a great list of titles to his name. So maybe the actual film will be ok too, though chances are it won’t be the best of the three, of the best of anything for that matter.