Arrow – Pilot

by deerinthexenonarclights

The April release of The Avengers saw the culmination of all of Marvel Studio’s cinematic endeavors, all of their creator-owned comic book adaptations had been created from a cohesive cloth and here they were coming together in one literal big tent title. Their rival on the comic racks DC has struggled to stay competitive – the now dead Dark Knight franchise the only thing keeping them afloat – and many have attributed this to their lack of a trademark and have thus suggested that they try mimicking Marvel with a series of stand alone stories running into a Justice League movie, this synergy helping them sell.

Those people are missing something pretty important, DC has already decided how that they want to make their mark in the moving mediums, that their trademark is tone. The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel are obviously simpatico projects; their titles, the name Christopher Nolan and a moody, mature nature connecting them. Marvel may have won the kids over already, but DC is going to aim for the adults. With this in mind Arrow, their third major foray into modern television (Smallville and Birds of Prey preceding it) makes perfect sense. The once silly seeming character given all the grit, gravitas and growl of Batman to temper the action inherent in the concept.

You might moan at that phrase, at the idea of a ‘darker’ iteration but I have no inherent issue with it provided that it’s done well and for good reason. I’ve recently started reading the suburb Hawkeye series by Matt Fraction and Dave Aja which is a silly take on Marvel’s version of the bow based character and as much as I love it I don’t see that it is better because of the tone but because of the quality behind the pen. Unfortunately then the talent here isn’t the best but