The Walking Dead – Seed (Filthsposition)

by deerinthexenonarclights

This show has a reputation among some people I know for delivering excellent premieres and then sucking for the rest of the season. Those people might take it as meaningless that this Season 3 premiere is such an overwhelmingly KICKASS episode (an episode that was probably even more entertaining than Homeland, Dexter and Boardwalk Empire were for me this week, which is saying a lot).

However, I think that perception is flawed. Season 1 had a great premiere and then went rapidly downhill. Season 2 on the other hand was different. It had a decent premiere with a single great scene (the zombie herd on the highway). Then the rest of the first half of the season was embarrassingly bad (with the exception of an early episode with Shane and Otis stuck in a zombie-infested school, and also the excellent mid-season finale). However when the show returned three months later to air the second half of Season 2, the show had improved noticably.

The second half was when Glen Mazzara had taken over control. His first batch of episodes showed more confidence and faster pacing. There was one terrible episode in the bunch, but as far as I can recall the rest of that second half ranged from “decent” to “damn excellent”.

So I have faith that Glen Mazzara can capitalise this year on that potential he showed as the new showrunner. And he has the best material of the comic ready to be adapted in Season 3! Plus he now has a dual-narrative to cut back-and-forth between (so when things get boring at the prison setting with Rick, the show can shift the focus to the Woodbury setting with Andrea for a while, and vice versa), which should prove mighty helpful.

And at the end of the day, this premiere was just f*cking KICKASS! The detractors can stubbornly refuse to look at that as a good sign, with their flawed logic and whatnot. But it certainly can’t be interpreted as a bad sign.


I implore anyone who rightly gave up on the show in it’s weak first season, or the piss-weak FIRST HALF of its second season, to give this premiere a shot. Just stick with the show for as long as it stays good. Maybe that will just be a couple of episodes, but I’m betting that if ever the show will sustain quality for a full season, it will be this season. We’ll be getting Michonne, the Governor, the Prison, etc. That section of the comic’s lifespan was EASILY it’s best, why can the same not apply for the TV series?

My rant of optimism now draws to a close. Thanks to all those who read it to the end (even if you don’t take my advice to get back on board).

My star score for “Seed” is 9.5/10