Trailer Trash: Now You See Me, Broken, At Jimmy’s End.

by deerinthexenonarclights

I think you get the gist by now; here are three interesting new movie trailers that you might otherwise have missed. This time though there is a bit of a difference: firstly, i’ve already seen one of the films but as it is one of my favorites for the year I feel that pushing it here is necessary; Secondly, one of these trailers isn’t for what one would traditionally call a film (I believe that it’s only thirty minutes long and a part of a longer series, but information is hard to come by) the name behind it though was enough to get me intrigued. The third? It just looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Now You See Me, the latest Louis Leterrier joint, looks like the perfect picture for his flashy style-first approach to action. The man is all about movement – moving the camera, moving the characters and maybe moving the audience – and the topic he tackles here is one that will make good use of all that motion: magic.

The concept may remind people of that other great magician movie of the modern age, The Prestige, but whereas Nolan worked with the heady intellectual side of the artform Louis appears to be treating the material much more lightly which, given the charm of this cast, could end up working just as well. Check it out:

Why you would cast Michael Caine and then not make him give the expository monologue is a mystery to me, but Morgan Freeman does do a very good voice over, so whatever. Eisenberg is a very charming genre lead when he wants to be and I can see him selling the cockyness of this character; the inclusion of perennial favorites Harrelson and Ruffalo only sweetens the deal. As for the plot? The climax could easily get itself muddled in complexity or push into sci-fi silliness but it seems set to be a spectacular ride up and to that point even if it does.

Next up is Broken, which i wrote a fair bit about HERE. I really loved it and hope you guys will too when it releases. Give it’s NA trailer a look:

Now for something completely different: Jimmy’s End. End is the first film written by the weird and wonderful mind of Mr. Alan Moore; this though seems to be more of the former than the later. Moore has had a notably strained relationship with Hollywood and so it comes as no surprise that his film is far from normal and not easily marketed. The story has something to do with an occultist writer seizing control of the countries subconscious but the vision here is simply of a sweaty man striding past scantily clad women as TV on the Radio’s Tunde sings a mournful track. You can watch it here if you want, but i’ve basically given you all it does. Whether or not the actual film/episode is any better I don’t know but I will be there to find out when it debuts in five days time.