Boardwalk Empire – Two Imposters (No Hats) (Filthsposition)

by deerinthexenonarclights

Oh wow! OHHH Wow!!!!! Woah-ho-HO!!! Some sh*t is REALLY hitting the fan on Boardwalk Empire now.

I think this is the first time in the entire series that a massive war has legitimately broken out, involving over half the cast in some way or another. The universe of the show is now consumed by constant violence and tension, as the Gyp Rosetti vs Nucky Thompson war really kicks off. It was a long wait to get to this point, but oh boy are they rewarding us for our patience.

Chalky’s back in a big way, and the show continues to promise much more prominent screentime for his character next season. Harrow has consistently featured heavily and we here get the hint that there will be some MAJOR VIOLENCE coming from him in next week’s finale. His scene tonight with Gillian was stunningly tense and fantastic.


The show is starting to tie together all the threads of the season. From the start it struck me as a more cohesive season, but many begged to differ. However whatever the case was before, the show is definitely pulling everything together in the home stretch of the season. Even the detractors agree by this point. The way the doctor Chalky knows is brought back into the fold, the way all of Capone’s scenes of increased independence and confidence are paying off now. Nucky’s relationship with his Butler Eddie was finally given great depth in this episode. the way that Gyp, Gillian and Richard’s storylines have all had the necessary setup for some major asskickery to go down at the Artemis club next week. It’s all coming together now.


There is still a lot of work to be done, Margaret and Van Alden’s stories need to come to some sort of payoff, and Eli could do with having some good material in the finale. But I have faith in the writers, the second half of this season has been one masterful episode after another. I am anticipating next week’s season finale more rabidly than I have looked forward to anything on TV for a long time.
Wow. What an absolutely incredible episode.