Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds announce ‘Push The Sky Away’

by deerinthexenonarclights

Why has it taken four years for The Bad Seeds to follow up on 2008’s Dig! Lazurus, Dig!? This recently released video, the announcement for their new record Push Away the Sky shows exactly why while also tantalizingly teasing us with the slightest snippets of sound from the new songs in the least satisfying way imaginable. Check it out after the jump:

Though you can tell almost nothing about the album from this trailer of sorts (more like outtakes I guess, if we’re speaking cinematically) I think it’s safe to say that the sound will resemble that of the second Grinderman album, as Dig! did the first (The crude track titles reinforce this fact) but with the ‘subtle beauty’ that one expects of The Bad Seeds seeping through the chaos. Whatever it is I can’t wait to know for sure and thankfully I won’t have to for long: the first single We No Who U R drops on the 3rd of December and the Record itself soon after on the 19th of February. Full tracklist below:

1. “We No Who U R”
2. “Wide Lovely Eyes”
3. “Water’s Edge”
4. “Jubilee Street”
5. “Mermaids”
6. “We Real Cool”
7. “Finishing Jubilee Street”
8. “Higgs Boson Blues”
9. “Push The Sky Away”

And for those who want even more of a tease, here is the soft, sparse first single from the album We No Who U R:

Finally a reason to hope that the Mayan’s are wrong.