Boardwalk Empire – Margate Sands (Filthsposition)

by deerinthexenonarclights

(Here lies the final of the year’s Filthpositions, guest reviews by my friend Filth of shows that I don’t have the time nor desire to describe myself. Here it is the Season Finale of Boardwalk Empire, Margate Sands. Enjoy?)

* We kick off with a montage of murders, something which Boardwalk Empire always does extremely well.
* Speaking of which, Richard’s massacre in this episode was incredibly thrilling. This was easily the best year yet for his character.

* No Van Alden in these last two episodes, which is a real shame.

* I did get a bit confused as to all the machinations with Nucky/ Mellon/ Rothstein/ Masseria/ Gaston Means, but after spending some time thinking I think I can understand it all. It was a pretty good attempt to tie absolutely all of the subplots together by the end of the season, even if it was a bit convoluted.

* This was ultimately the most cohesive season yet, and the most satisfying. Sure, there were nitpicks- maybe Gyp bordered on being a bit cartoonish, but he was fun. And damn this was an excellent season of TV overall, even if it wasn’t flawless.


* I really love the journey that Nucky took this year as a character. A lot of people complained early on in the season that Nucky was too distracted to be the protagonist of the show, but that was part of the story this year. It led to this great endpoint where he has now been humbled by the suffering that he has endured across the season. He has learned not to ignore his empire, not to neglect and disrespect all the people that he relies on. He has learnt that he needs to play the game smart and play the game careful and play the game strong, not just try to forget it all and run away to the arms of some young woman. I think the writers did an amazing job selling the idea that Nucky has finally wised up by the end of this season, that he understands now what is important. His level of ego and self-indulgence has been diminished, he has learnt a lot from the events of Season 3.

* Basically, Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire was f*cking fantastic, and this was an awesome finale. As it stands, this is the best season of television I’ve seen this year.

Score for Margate Sands- 9/10
Score for Season 3 as a whole- 9.5/10