Trailer Trash – A Single Shot Greeting from Tim Buckley, The English Teacher

by deerinthexenonarclights

trailertrashI haven’t one one of these things for a while because, frankly, there haven’t been too many intriguing trailers released that might have gone under the radar but as we enter the year’s dry period the promotions begin for the next tropical trend. Here are the trailers for a couple features from the edge of that formation that caught my eye: Greetings From Tim Buckley, A Single Shot and The English Patient Teacher. See them after the jump…

First comes Buckley which is not, as I initially imagined, a film simply tipping its hat to the musician but an actual Jeff Buckley biopic with something of a misleading name. Jeff Buckley is one of those artists who, perhaps because of his tragic early end, are held in such high and reverential esteem that any attempt to try and depict their story on screen will be something of a risk; those fans who will be interested in seeing it will be quick to turn if it seems like you are doing their idol an injustice. Interestingly this kind of adoration is actually one of the films themes although it is set long before Buckley becomes any kind of household name, if the trailer is anything to go by then the film will be quite heavily focused on how Jeff felt to be the son of a similarly loved singer.

I have some issues with that trailer – for one there is not enough music, secondly the way that the daddy issues are stressed wore me out after two minutes, which makes me wary of the two hour final film and thirdly the two actors at the films core, while cute, never grabbed me, never came across as compelling – but the idea of the film is interesting, telling as it does the tale of two musicians; the literal death of one and figurative birth of another. I don’t really know what kind of audience there is for a Jeff Buckley biopic, maybe in the late nineties this would have been a thing, but I will be looking out for this one later in the year.

Once I saw the first cast announcement for A Single Shot back in late twenty-eleven I was sold on seeing it and knowing how much of a wait there was going to be I grabbed the book on which it is based to try and get a taste of what was coming. It is a very strange, sensual and oft schizophrenic rendition of a standard suspense story that fascinated but never quite fulfilled me. I was left more intrigued but less excited by the notion of its adaptation; if the source was somewhat scattered and seemingly unsure of itself than how could a secondary telling of it fare any better? After seeing this trailer I am entirely sold on the film again and cannot wait to see it.

Pretty solid huh? I’m not familiar with the director but I love what he has done with the flickers of footage here, depicting perfectly what the story contains through tone so that those new to it are not at all spoiled but will have an idea what to expect. The score and the visual style are both on key an the script was written by the novel’s original author which gives me hope that the best an most bizarre bits of the novel will make the cut. Keep an eye out for this one on my Top Ten list come years end.

And now for something completely different. The English Teacher is another film that caught my eye thanks to its cast: Julianne Moore, Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane and Michael Angarano are all actors that I like and I do occasionally enjoy a light-hearted indie so I was interested enough to check out this trailer, but after watching it I have no interest in seeing the actual film.

So… yeah. A) The entire story has been told. B) It establishes a tone ill-befitting all involved an C) Moore still looks amazing despite a wardrobe/make-up style that is seemingly meant to be similarly ill-befitting. It could yet be great but that’s not enough to get me past this promo, I’ll happily miss this one until I hear for certain that it is.

Have any contrary thoughts? Any great trailers that I missed? Tell me in the comments below if so.