Trailer Trash – Mistaken For Strangers Way, Way Back Behind the Candelabra

by deerinthexenonarclights


Here, today, are three trailers that made me very happy; hilarious and heartfelt little pieces of film-making on their own right whose success bodes well for the features they are attached to. Given what a bad morning it is otherwise – Boston Marathon Massacre news, etc. – I figured it was best to share them. They are three very different films: a music-mockumentary, a feel good family comedy and a made for TV biopic but hopefully one of them puts a smile on your face like they did mine (Yeah, I can be that saccharine).

First up is Mistaken for Strangers, a behind the scenes documentary chronicling the lives of great indie band The National that is set to come out at the same time as their new album, in May. That would be enough to intrigue me since I love their songs and the band’s lead singer Matt Berninger seems a fascinating figure, but that’s not all there is to the movie. A professional crew was not hired to shoot the film; instead Matt’s brother, a professed metalhead who thinks of their music as ‘pretentious trash’ was given the camera as something to do while he roadies with them around the world and his story seems to weave in-between the traditional backstage antics and scenes of onstage action. Check it out:

The National are not the first band that you would expect to make a mockumentary (I’m guessing that much of this isn’t technically real) since they’re not particularly funny during their songs, but it does make perfect sense that if they were to do it they would make one with the potential to be as emotionally satisfying as this trailer suggests. It could easily still be a mess, but I like that they’re offering something more than just the music (which again, would have been enough to sell me). It may not just be for fans, though they will surely all love it.

Next up is something much more traditional, in fact its a film that you’ve surely seen before, most recently in Adventureland, but that doesn’t mean its not worth watching again. The Way, Way Back is the second script from comedic actors Jim Rash and Nat Faxton (from TV’s Community and Ben and Kate respectively) after winning an Oscar for their first, The Descendants. They are also directing this one, the lack of a name like Payne making it a bit riskier of a proposition, and it seems to be another great mixture of funny and deep-felt family interaction with a lot of people in swimsuits. Steve Carrell, Sam Rockwell (who always makes these small movies sing), Toni Collette, Alison Janney and the two creators are among those scantily clad. Seems like it may be the Sundance-style hit of the year:

And finally we have Steven Soderbergh’s latest final film, Behind the Candelabra; a biopic he made for HBO about pianist Liberace and his ‘lewd’ life off-stage that shocked all of his very traditional fans when it was revealed. Soderbergh is always worth a watch but this film especially seems important since it is something that he has been working on now for years; strange given his tendency to spit films out of nowhere. Throw in some big names like Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as the leads, both giving it their all in these gaudy and strange roles and you have me fascinated on a deeper level as well as a surface one. It’s sure to be unlike anything else you see this year, i’ll give it that.

Feel better now? What did you think of those trailers? Will you watch the films when they are released?