Trailer Trash – The Congress Arrested Development About Time, Gravity

by deerinthexenonarclights


There is something of a theme to this edition of Trailer Trash: auteur-driven, indie-scale science fiction films that you might not be excited for but surely should be. There is though one obvious exception to this rule that I included because, well I had too; besides the existence of a new season of said show is strange enough to me that seeing the trailer almost felt like a glimpse into an alternate reality. Onwards.

The Congress is a film that you may not have heard anything about before this week, but one that won’t escape your attention over the next one. The film is Ari Folman’s first since Waltz With Bashir brought him to the attention of most movie fans, the animated feature pushing the boundaries of what we would class a ‘documentary’ and telling a devastating story besides. Not one to succumb to the novelty of a single trick Folman is taking his trademark style in a stunning and strange new direction here that you kind of have to see to understand.

So… that looks weird, huh? A heady mix of Cold Souls and Cool World this short glimpse of the film went from feeling a little flat at first to leaving me utterly fascinated. It’s far too short a snippet to try and make much of the footage but it sold me on seeing this film as soon as possible, even though it may yet be a massive mess. Whatever the case critics will be seeing it very soon, the film debuting at Cannes almost as we speak and I’m keen to hear their reactions. Plus, was that Jon Hamm in there as the animated hero? I hope so.

The next clip needs no real introduction, Arrested Development is back and based on this trailer it hasn’t lost a step. The number of references and callbacks dropped over these two minutes alone was hilarious, nevermind the surely long an complicated that they came up with making an entire season in a vacuum. I cannot wait.

Richard Curtis is rarely regaled as an auteur or artist, his films are often seen as schmaltz that should be lumped in with those of Gary Marshall or McG but for me he is one of the rare Writer/Directors out there able to make the Romantic Comedy genre work and not only that work in a way that pleases both the plebs and the pretentious. Love, Actually is arguably the best the genre has been since Wilder worked fifty-odd years ago and so I was sold on seeing his next effort regardless, but the premise that he came up with for the film is actually quite a promising one and the execution more daring than I had expected.

Sure it’s so sugary sweet that you can barely taste the time-travel but Domhnall Gleeson impressed in the insipid Anna Karenina and his chemistry with both Bill Nighy and McAdams seems strong here and if the script is as smart as suggested then this may be another winner from the Brit.

Finally comes a film that I have been looking forward to for far too many years. Alfonso Cuaron blew everybody away with Children of Men, crafting a science fiction masterpiece out of a sort of unlikely story. After seeing it I immediately raced to IMDb to see what other film he had made and what was coming next; it was a disappointing search. Though his oeuvre is extensive and well worth exploring Men was his first real foray into science fiction and it has taken now seven years for him to step back into the genre but by all accounts he has made something worth the wait in Gravity.

It’s easy to see shades of both Sunshine and A Space Odyssey in its beautiful, brutal and bafflingly real depiction of space; those special effects were jawdropping even on this small screen. I have no idea what the actual story of the film will be, what was scripted before shooting began or how it will fill the requisite feature length and I almost don’t want to. I just want to go to the cinema, experience this thing and be overwhelmed like I was by Children of Men.

Once again I wonder what you think of these trailers? Any of them seem worth a watch? Any that I’ve missed?