Trailer Trash – The Turning Wolf of Wall Street, The Counsellor Dealin’ With Idiots

by deerinthexenonarclights

This look at a few of the impressive trailers released of late will play out a little differently than normal, which makes sense given that the films being promoted all look a little out of the ordinary. There is no theme to this collection, the only thing connecting all four is my desire to see them as soon as possible (maybe two more than the others) but that’s hopefully enough to pique your interest.

The first terrific trailer, that of The Turning, is strange for two reasons: one, it’s an anthology movie made up of seventeen different shorts, each based on their equivalent in Tim Winton’s book of the same name and secondly, it’s Australian. Now, I rather like my little country but I rarely have anything good to say about the movies we make, so it’s nice when a local production catches the eye like this one does, nicer still since it is employing just about every actor and director going around. I’ve no idea what the finished product will be like – not its quality, content nor tone – but I’m excited to see it in about a months time when it premiere’s at MIFF.

Scorsese diving back into the world of criminal exorbitance that served so well as the story base of many of his best films, a lot of the strongest leading men going around today and a timely bit of Black Skinhead to boot. Wolf of Wall Street may not be my favorite concept among those mentioned here – not that I really know what the story of the film even is – but it certainly sells itself without my help.

The next trailer – actually more of a teaser – is far less satisfying in of itself; there is something piquing about its quick snippets of footage but the real reason that I am so excited to see it comes on the final page of credits, see if you can spot it.

The Counsellor, Written by Cormac McCarthy. McCarthy is a favorite author of mine and his work has lent itself to some very strong movie adaptations so I was intrigued when he mentioned that his next foray into film was to be a movie he was scripting from scratch. More than this trailer what sold me on this being a successful experiment was an excerpt from said script that the New Yorker released a little while back and which you can read HERE. Still, scary, precisely detailed and deadly violent that sneak has me excited to see the movie, as excited as I am to see anything in production.

And now, for something completely different, a straight told, story-based trailer for a light-hearted comedy: Dealin’ With Idiots, the second directorial effort of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Jeff Garlin. Like Wolf I’m not inherently interested in a film about the families of little league baseballers but Garlin has a great sense of humour and has assembled a cast to rival any of those listed here; this one looks set to be a good Sunday afternooner.

Any thoughts? Any trailers that I’ve missed?