Trailer Trash – Lovelace Filth The Canyons and Oldboy Out of the Furnace

by deerinthexenonarclights

This edition of trailer trash is going to take that title quite literally. After two straight weeks of school holidays and the fluttering of frivolous family film releases that these requisite I thought I might bring you some of the hard stuff to help wash that sugar down: every one of these films looks dark, dirty and dangerously unsuitable to watch with any member of the family. Check out even these short cuts at your own discretion.

Lovelace is first up mostly because it will be the first of these that I’m able to see, it’s screening soon at MIFF, but also because it seemingly brings the most class to its otherwise caustic content. Though I adore the film I’ve always hummed and hashed about recommending Boogie Nights to some people, because how do you explain that they need to see the backstage story of the seventies porn actor with the largest known penis? Similarly the supposedly true story of Linda Lovelace – I feel it will be rather embellished – isn’t one that I thought I had much interest in, but this trailer sold me on it. While it probably won’t live up to Nights it is clearly aping its style and even a lesser imitation of that gem is worth seeing in my book, especially one that brings a feminine perspective into things and a cast nearly as classic as Anderson’s. Looks like a ride:

Speaking of style, Filth, the latest adaptation of an Irvine Welsh novel, has it in spades: that, drugs, sex and sinful morals. The story here is a little less clear: James McAvoy’s Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call: Edinburgh sleazes around Scotland getting up to no good until it all starts becoming too bad for his body to handle. When it comes to this type of inebriated material Irvine Welsh is suspiciously well suited; Trainspotting still considered the opiate genre’s opus, and they appear to be doing his material justice. I expect to exit this one woozy but well entertained.

The Canyons comes from a similarly strong set of names as Filth; it is both written and directed by Paul Schrader – who you should know from the likes of Taxi Driver, The Yakuza and American Gigolo – and based on a book by Brett Easton Ellis, the guy who isn’t Irvine Welsh of Chuck Palahniuk but occasionally comes close. It tells a near identical story to Lovelace‘s, a young woman gets caught up in the amateur porn world; but instead of romanticizing the content through period filters and other fine art trappings it makes the industry seem as coarse as it probably is in reality. Dubstep, cell-phone footage and Lindsey Lohan as the lead are almost enough to counteract the goodwill cast by the creators names, the shocking on-set stories should be the nail in that coffin and yet I’m still intrigued. If they pull off the more pretentious side of the story – and I trust Schraeder with the metaphors more than I do, say, Harmony Korine – then it might still be a fascinating film, but chances are it will be unwatchable trash.


Here is a film that is unsafe for family viewing for a whole other reason; sure it’s ultra-violent genre fare, but it’s the ending that will make you wish you were watching alone. Whether or not Spike Lee stick to the story told in the original film is unclear at this stage, but based on this footage his iteration of Oldboy is near shot for shot in terms of its visuals; even from these snippets the scenes and settings are easily identifiable. What surprises me most about this though, besides maybe Jackson’s bleached locks, is the fact that he doesn’t seem to have botched the fight scenes. Lee isn’t know for his adrenaline pumping action and Oldboy is, so this could have been a real sticking point for many. I’m not a huge fan of the Korean original, nor have I ever read the Manga, so I will be going in with a mostly open mind and hope to find here what so many others have in the original tellings of the tale.

This last trailer, it’s a marathon week, doesn’t quite fit the theme – it’s less blue than it is blue-collar – but it looks so terrific that I can’t not close with it. Out of the Furnace is Scott Cooper’s follow up to Crazy Heart, but it looks nothing like that film. Set in the same nameless Southern states Furnace tells the story of two brothers – Casey Affleck and Christian Bale – who get caught up in a backwoods crime syndicate and the violence that erupts. It’s certainly a safe sort of story with a familiar family of characters – easy comparisons could be made to One Single Shot and The Fighter – but I’ve loved near every movie that this trailer brought to mind, i’m a sucker for small town suspense flicks, so I can’t wait to see this one play out. With a cast like this it can’t possibly fail to at least propel you through two hours.


As usual, feel free to drop in any thoughts on these trailers, or links to any others that I may have missed.